Our clients typically include migration agents, lawyers and others with an interest in the migration advice field and migration matters generally.

Here are just some examples of feedback from some of our course participants:

  • “This group of educators are about the best in the business in my opinion. Their handouts are comprehensive but the important difference from many other educators is that they don't attempt to simply read through the notes - they use them as tools to work through issues. The presenters encourage participation and are always open to further ideas and to hear the practical experiences of attendees. This particular event was attended by a number of very experienced agents so that the level of debate was high and helpful to all of us. The opportunity to interact with other agents during coffee/lunch breaks is also always important as people are often more prepared to bring out issues in a relaxed atmosphere.”

  • “This Activity (item number: 330026) has gave me that competitive edge by providing me with practical tips on how to deal with those difficult case scenarios faced in everyday practice. And it also gave me a round-up of the most recent significant court cases, legislation changes and policy developments.”

  • “Communication and interaction was effective and interesting. Contributions from practitioners present was useful and was encouraged. Interaction between presenters and audience was collaborative and appropriate. Worked examples and course materials and problem solving were useful and informative. Knowledge of presenters was outstanding and they were also sympatico, charismatic, entertaining and genuinely interested in what they were doing.”

  • “The interchanges between the presenters were valuable - it was good to hear them exchange views and speak to the different topics from their own experiences.  Lunch was great. Any time spent at this course was well spent - another Agent was attending MPE for the first time and commented that he could see how valuable the programme and the presenters were for his professional development and he is an Agent of some experience and a DIAC background.”

  • “This is the third time I have attended their CPD training and compared with other courses I have attended they are the best because their hand outs are easy to read and worth keeping for reference and their presentations are always interesting, relevant and occasionally fun. (The latter helps to keep you alert and awake).”

  • “Fantastic course program – well organised and presented and fun. Great value for money too!”

  • “I’ve attended quite a few CPD sessions before, this was as entertaining and informative as any I’ve previously attended. You challenged us, pushed us and motivated us; I left the activity ‘recharged’”.

  • “A delight!”

  • “Very professional and informative. Very detailed notes.”

  • “Excellent presentation”

  • “This course is better than any other course I have ever taken!”

  • “Great course per usual. Nothing to change.”

  • “Absolutely wonderful course and presentation. Notes were valuable.”

  • “Very impressed with the quality of your seminars.”

  • “Great experience, I’ll be back soon.”

  • “I think having a presenter and a panel is a good idea. The presenters and information was very useful. Presenters knowledgeable and articulate.”

  • “The new venue and partnership is great!”

  • “…clear, informative, insightful”

  • “Great presentation…demonstrated a thorough understanding of the policy”

  • “The material was well presented, the information was useful and I received a lot of practical and valuable information that I can apply directly to some of the cases I'm working on now.
    The discussions and input from other agents was interesting, and both you and Peter created a good atmosphere where agents were able to contribute and ask questions.
    However, the real accolades are for the course materials. Yours is the first CPD course that I've attended where the course notes weren't just huge slabs of the regs cut and pasted into a handout. Your course material is excellent. It's well researched, thoroughly covers each topic, is easy to read and understand and the court rulings and tips for advisers sections takes them out of the course notes category (which is usually means tossed into the back of the filing cabinet). Your course notes have definitely become part of my reference library.
    Thank you for the obvious time, effort and dedication you both have put into making your CPD program one of the best I have ever attended. I'm looking forward to doing more of your courses next year